VISUMA Sweden AB was born out of the desire to revolutionize the real estate industry by taking 3D modeling to a new level with the latest VR technology

Next step of Simulation

Instead of just being able to see a 3D image in your computer or phone, we want you and your customers to be able to put on a headset and experience and put your mark on the property, the residential area or the surrounding area, before anything has even been built.

We want to offer a comprehensive solution, where we take the role of project manager, and you get everything surrounding modeling, presentation and sales material from one and the same company.

Lean in the Process

We guarantee good quality in everything we do and always strive for our work to be as time and cost effective as possible. To the greatest extent possible, we use the material already available from your architect and refine it.

In this way, we minimize unnecessary duplication of work leading to increased costs for you as a customer. In addition, you as our customer own all the material we produce.

We have a solid construction technology expertise and extensive experience from the industry.

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“Visuma Sweden AB is part of the BIMformation Sweden AB group.”



We want to make it easy for you, and solve all of your visualization needs at one and the same time. We have therefore developed a comprehensive